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Two years cancer free!

I’ll keep this one short and sweet…my recent scan came back clean and today is a day to celebrate as I am now officially in remission for two years! This is a big, big milestone as the likelihood of recurrence drops down to less than 10%. I have lived in fear of recurrence, and now I know that statistics are on my side for once!

I still think about the fact that I was diagnosed with cancer every single day. Whether it’s the scars on my chest from the biopsies and port or even my short hair that I’ve chosen to keep post-chemo…there are constant reminders that my life was permanently up ended by this disease. There are also days when I cannot believe that I actually had cancer. I still wonder if it all actually happened…was I really in the hospital for over a week because the mass was too big/too critical to let me go home? did I really not work for all that time? did I really lose my hair? did I really go through the aches, pains, vomiting, and unbelievable fatigue? It seems so surreal sometimes that I have to convince myself that it really did happen.

But, I made it through the whole ordeal to live a very happy life on the other side. It’s certainly a day to celebrate, but also a day to remember that I am very lucky in that I had a highly treatable form and it was responsive to treatment. Not a day goes by that I don’t give thanks for that. I also continue to be inspired by the people whose ordeal with cancer has been more difficult than mine but who continue to have a positive outlook on their lives, like my friend Jessica who just wrote this beautiful post on maintaining a positive attitude in the face of grueling treatments or the woman who calls herself the Bald Ballerina. Her life was put on hold after a stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis but she continues to dance as much as she can.

They’re my inspiration to live the best life possible. They’ve both done nothing less in the face of more trying ordeals and situations and navigated through it all as gracefully as possible – surely, I can do the same. Like them, I know how quickly I can be in a position where my life is turned upside down by cancer, but I’m putting that thought out of my mind so I can celebrate being two years cancer free!


4 thoughts on “Two years cancer free!

  1. Thanks for sharing your story! I’ve just completed my 2nd round of R-CHOP for DLBCL. I can see and feel my tumor and I want this sucker to keep on shrinking! Hair..ugh, hair.or lack thereof, is getting me down today, but I’m working on it!

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